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Bubbly Walrus - Fun with Math | NewsWatch Review

Bubbly Walrus emphasizes the use of mathematics to beat levels with high quality game design and gameplay. The game gets more advanced with every level ...

Math drills

Knowing your math facts,addition,subtract,and division!! This app tracks your speed and accuracy.

Math Vocab1 - Fun Learning Game for Improved Math Comprehension

Happy Frog Apps is a Mom's Choice Award Winner! Also featured on FunEducationalApps.com, TeachersWithApps.com, and more! ** Math Vocab1 teaches the ...

CRAZY MATH FACT: 1 = 0.999999... (repeating)

CRAZY MATH FACT: 1 = 0.999999... (repeating) I prove 1 = 0.999... in this video! Online Math Academy . com.